The PRO Company and Quality Forge a Strategic Global Partnership

The PRO Company and Quality announce their strategic collaboration, marking a significant milestone in the media production and distribution industry. This partnership, initiated by Pablo Reyes, founder of Quality, and Yousif Al-Khafajy, founder of The PRO Company, is poised to redefine the landscape of media operations across the MENA and Latin American regions.

The agreement signifies a commitment to mutual growth and market expansion, solidifying a dynamic alliance between the two industry leaders. In a cooperative arrangement, Quality will exclusively oversee operations within the MENA region under the PRO umbrella, while PRO assumes exclusive operations within Latin America under Quality’s domain. This partnership fosters mutual representation, as both entities commit to representing each other within their respective markets, guaranteeing premium service standards for clientele.

Commenting on the partnership, Pablo Reyes stated, “We are excited about the prospects this collaboration brings. By combining our expertise and resources, we aim to deliver unparalleled value to our clients while unlocking new opportunities for growth.”

Yousif Al-Khafajy echoed similar sentiments, saying, “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to innovation and excellence in media services. Together, we look forward to charting new territories and setting new benchmarks in the industry.”

The announcement of this collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey for both companies, with plans underway to establish production hubs and expand market presence in the MENA and Latin American regions.