Saudi Arabia’s sports scene is set for a major boost with The PRO Company’s announcement of an exclusive partnership with Padel IN. This strategic move grants The PRO Company exclusive marketing rights for sponsorships, tournaments, and club naming rights, promising an extraordinary Padel experience across the Kingdom.


Padel, a fusion of tennis and squash, has been gaining global popularity for its accessibility and excitement. With this partnership, Saudi Arabia is poised to embrace Padel like never before, thanks to The PRO Company’s marketing expertise and Padel IN’s event prowess.


The partnership will bring in sponsorships to elevate tournament quality and establish branded Padel clubs, creating vibrant hubs for enthusiasts. Both entities share a vision of promoting sports and healthy lifestyles while enhancing the Kingdom’s cultural offerings.


As Saudi Arabia diversifies its economy, sports partnerships like these highlight the role of sports in social engagement and economic development. With this exclusive alliance, the Kingdom is poised to become a regional hub for Padel excellence, transforming its sports landscape forever.