Bahraini Premier League x Fanseat

The PRO Company Secures Landmark Deal: Bahraini Premier League to be Streamed on Fanseat Across 100+ Countries

DUBAI, 29th August 2023 – The PRO Company, an integrated marketing agency that focuses on providing sports content, has achieved a monumental milestone by finalizing an agreement that will see the Bahraini Premier League streamed on the esteemed Fanseat platform, reaching audiences in over 100 countries. This strategic collaboration promises to revolutionize the way sports enthusiasts engage with Bahraini football, marking an exciting juncture for both the sporting and streaming industries.

Fanseat, recognized for its impeccable live coverage of premium sporting content has established itself as a global powerhouse. By partnering with The PRO Company, Fanseat is set to amplify the visibility of Bahraini football and expand the reach of the Nasser Bin Hamad Premier League through its dynamic over-the-top (OTT) platform.

“Fanseat offers live coverage of premium content in local languages, helping rights holders, federations, and clubs to monetize their events and build awareness across their sports community,” stated Jean-Maël Gineste, Managing Director of Fanseat. “We achieve this by delivering live and on-demand content across our OTT platform, offering fans a flexible viewing experience.”

The collaboration has garnered enthusiastic support from the Bahrain Football Association. Rashid Al-Zaabi, General Secretary of Bahrain FA, expressed his excitement, saying, “We are pleased to be working with the Fanseat Solution to grow the footprint of our competitions worldwide and expand Nasser Bin Hamad Premier League coverage. The Fanseat solution is a great match as it is our aim to efficiently promote the competition, ensuring it reaches the widest possible audience. This initiative enhances sports content creation and fortifies the presence of Bahraini football on both continental and international stages.”

The CEO of The PRO Company, reflecting on this groundbreaking partnership, stated, “At The PRO Company, we are driven by our passion for sports and our commitment to bringing the excitement of the game to audiences globally. This partnership with the Bahrain Football Association underscores our dedication to redefining how fans experience sports, and we are excited to showcase the intensity and talent of Bahraini football on the Fanseat platform.”

The convergence of these visionary entities heralds an era where sports and technology intersect seamlessly, transcending geographical boundaries to unite football enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. As the Bahraini Premier League prepares to light up screens worldwide, fans can look forward to a new era of sports entertainment, driven by innovation and fueled by a shared love for the game.


About The PRO Company

The PRO Company is a dynamic, internationally integrated sports, entertainment, marketing, and media agency. Seamlessly uniting a diverse range of expertise in event promotion, media management, and international collaboration across multiple continents, The PRO Company has rapidly ascended to become a pinnacle sports and entertainment agency. With a steadfast dedication to elevating sports experiences and amplifying the reach of sporting events, The PRO Company is at the forefront of revolutionizing how global audiences engage with sports and entertainment content.


About Fanseat

Fanseat, part of the Spring Media Group, is a global sports entertainment service optimized for all digital devices. We focus on creating quality live broadcasts as well as delivering content produced by federations, leagues, sports clubs and other sports event organizers around the world, including ice hockey, basketball, football and ultimate frisbee, and watched by sports enthusiasts from over 150 countries over the years.


About Bahrain Football Association

The Bahrain Football Association (Bahrain FA) is the governing body of football in Bahrain, responsible for organizing and promoting football events and leagues within the country. Committed to elevating the status of Bahraini football globally, Bahrain FA strives to enhance the visibility and competitiveness of its football competitions.