Celebrating Excellence: Syrian U16 Girls Clinch Championship Victory at WAFFootball Championship

In a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, the U16 girls from the Syrian Football Association emerged triumphant at the WAFF U16 Girls Championship held in Zarqa, Jordan. The championship culminated in a nail-biting final where Syria secured the title by defeating the host nation, Jordan, with a hard-fought 1-0 victory.


The 4th edition of the WAFF U16 Girls Championship brought together top female talents from four nations – Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. The competition not only showcased the prowess of these young athletes but also served as a platform for fostering camaraderie and friendly competition among nations.


The PRO Company proudly stood as a long-term partner of WAFF, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to the growth of women’s sports in the MENA region. As a permanent supporter of initiatives that champion inclusivity and empowerment in sports, The PRO Company continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of women’s football.


The U16 girls’ championship not only highlighted the emerging talent in women’s football but also underscored the power of sports to bring nations together. Beyond the competition, it served as a testament to the dedication of these young athletes, their coaches, and the organizations that support their journey in the world of football.


The PRO Company takes pride in being associated with WAFF and extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Syrian U16 girls for their outstanding achievement. As advocates for the growth of women’s sports, we are honored to contribute to initiatives that empower female athletes, provide them with opportunities to shine, and inspire the next generation of talent.


In closing, the success of the Syrian U16 girls at the WAFF U16 Girls Championship reflects not only their skill on the field but also the collective effort invested in nurturing women’s football across the MENA region. The PRO Company remains committed to fostering a culture of excellence, inclusivity, and respect within the realm of women’s sports, supporting initiatives that elevate the game and its athletes to new heights.