Coca-Cola Ramadan Caravans

The PRO Company is proud to announce the successful execution of the Coca-Cola Ramadan Caravans. The campaign aimed to promote equality in society by breaking down differences, and PRO is delighted to have played a part in its success.

The team ensured that the campaign’s general idea was at the forefront of all activations. The objective was to create an event that not only engaged people but also promoted a message of unity and inclusivity.

The activations for the campaign were diverse, and PRO took great care to ensure that each one was carefully planned and executed to perfection. One of the main activations was the route plan, where three Coca-Cola trucks toured Baghdad streets from Thursdays till Mondays, conducting various activities such as Spin and Win, band performances, and varied Ramadan traditions to gather people to start the activation.

The campaign also hosted a reveal event on March 29th, where the Coca-Cola team, 25 influencers, and 30 media representatives attended. The main objective of this event was to launch the campaign and create awareness of the activations mentioned in the route plan.