Dubai Int’l U23 Cup 2022

The PRO-Company has announced the successful execution of the U23 International Cup Tournament of Dubai. The company worked alongside its partner IAST Sports and the host UAE Football Association to organize the event. As the official marketing and media partner, PRO advertised the tournament across three stadiums in Dubai: Sevens Stadium, Al-Maktoum Stadium and Al-Awir Stadium.

The tournament featured ten national football teams from Europe, the Gulf region and East Asia and was sponsored by both global and regional companies. The event was also streamed live by nine international broadcasters, reaching a wide audience.

Bringing together ten national football teams from different regions of the world for a tournament like the U23 International Cup is important as it provides a platform for young players to showcase their talents, promotes international cooperation and understanding, brings economic benefits to the host nation, and increases the popularity of football. It is a great opportunity for players to test their skills against some of the best young talent from around the world, while also promoting goodwill and cultural exchange between different nations.

The tournament was a prestigious event and the PRO-Company, IAST Sports and UAE Football Association worked together to ensure that it was a success. The company’s role as official marketing and media partner was key in advertising and promoting the tournament. The partnership between PRO-Company and IAST Sports was also crucial in the successful execution of the tournament.