HONOR70 & HONOR9a Mobile Phone Campaign

The PRO Company and HONOR Join Forces Once Again for an Exciting Collaboration: Tamila Sinan and Ali Al-Asmar to Promote HONOR70 and HONORX9a Mobile Phones

The PRO Company is thrilled to announce yet another exciting collaboration with HONOR, one of the leading mobile phone brands in the industry. This partnership will feature two prominent stars, Tamila Sinan and Ali Al-Asmar, who will be leveraging their immense influence and personal styles to promote HONOR’s latest mobile phones, the HONOR70 and HONORX9a.

As a company, we take immense pride in our ongoing partnership with HONOR. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our shared commitment to delivering exceptional products to consumers. By combining the expertise of The PRO Company and the innovation of HONOR, we aim to create a campaign that not only captivates audiences but also highlights the unique features and capabilities of the HONOR70 and HONORX9a.

Tamila Sinan and Ali Al-Asmar, renowned stars in their own right, have been carefully selected as the faces of this collaboration. With their individual styles and massive social media followings, they possess the ability to connect with audiences on a deep level. Through engaging reels and posts on their respective social media platforms, Tamila and Ali will ultimately create an unforgettable brand experience for their followers.

This collaboration with HONOR marks yet another steppingstone in our ongoing commitment to advertise and deliver cutting-edge technology to consumers. As we look forward to the future, The PRO Company remains dedicated to nurturing and expanding our partnership with HONOR, with even more amazing campaigns on the horizon.