Joan Gamper Trophy 2022

The PRO Company has announced that it will be responsible for distributing the media rights of the Joan Gamper Trophy 2022 in the Middle East region. The company will be working in partnership with media partners to bring fans in the region live coverage of the tournament, which will feature two matches hosted by FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou; FC Barcelona vs Club Universidad Nacional de México on the 7th of August and FC Barcelona Women vs Montpellier Women on the 23rd of August. The broadcasters of the match will be announced later this week.

The Joan Gamper Trophy, also known as the Gamper Trophy is an annual friendly football tournament, organized by FC Barcelona. It is held in honor of the club’s founder, Joan Gamper, and has been traditionally held at the beginning of the season. The tournament is a great opportunity for fans in the MENA region to see some of their favorite teams and players in action, and to be part of the celebration of the legacy of the club’s founder.