Soccer Champions Tour 2023

The PRO Company is proud to announce that it has acquired the distribution rights for the highly anticipated Soccer Champions Tour. This extraordinary event will showcase the world’s most iconic football clubs, including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, Arsenal, and Manchester United.

As the chosen distributor, The PRO Company is excited to bring the electrifying Soccer Champions Tour to fans worldwide. Our extensive network and industry expertise ensure that this thrilling tournament will be accessible to football enthusiasts across the MENA region.

The Soccer Champions Tour promises to be a sensational showcase of skill, passion, and competition, as the top football clubs compete for glory. The PRO Company is committed to delivering an unparalleled viewing experience to fans, providing them with the opportunity to witness the brilliance of these legendary teams in action.

Join us in celebrating the world-class talent and excitement that the Soccer Champions Tour will bring. The PRO Company looks forward to sharing this remarkable football experience with all of you.