The PRO Company’s Impactful Role in the Success of the International Jordan Tournament

The resounding success of the International Jordan Tournament’s second edition, featuring teams from Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, and Iran, stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of The PRO Company to sports excellence. As a key player in the tournament’s triumph, we proudly fulfilled a crucial role as a driving marketing force, solidifying media and commercial rights deals that contributed significantly to the event’s overall success.


This fantastic tournament not only showcased thrilling football action but also marked another remarkable chapter in our enduring partnership with the Jordan Football Federation. The foundation of this collaboration, laid in July 2021, has continued to strengthen, fostering a dynamic synergy that has been instrumental in propelling the tournament to new heights.


The PRO Company’s involvement went beyond mere sponsorship; it was a strategic alliance that aimed to redefine the landscape of sports entertainment. Our dedication to promoting the beautiful game is evident in the seamless execution of media and commercial rights deals, which ensured widespread visibility and engagement.


As we reflect on the achievements of the International Jordan Tournament, we recognize the pivotal role our collaboration with the Jordan Football Federation has played in shaping the event’s success story. This partnership is not just about sports; it’s about a shared vision to elevate the fan experience and contribute to the growth of football both regionally and internationally.


Stay tuned for more exciting developments as The PRO Company continues to carve a path of innovation and excellence in the realm of sports marketing. We remain committed to shaping the future of sports entertainment, one successful tournament at a time.